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June 28th, 2007

Go Trout Fishing In Montana

There is something about fishing for trout that reminds me of my favorite vacations. Nothing is quite as relaxing and mentally stimulating at the same time. I’ll never forget my first image of what fly fishing for trout is really like. The movie A River Runs Through It takes place in Montana. It follows the lives of two brothers who fly fish their local streams in Montana with their father. It was not long after my father took me to see that movie that we took our first trip out west.

June 27th, 2007

Southern Appalachia Trout Fishing

The Great Smoky Mountains, Catalouchee Creek, Hazel Creek, Abrams Creek and down to the tailwaters of the Nantahalla River Ian Rutter has fished it all. Listen to Ian share his secrets and life long love for this beautiful fly fising haven.

June 26th, 2007

Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

Fly fishing is absolutely never complete without a fly fishing rod. A rod has several specifications and parts as well so before you decide on taking a splash for the fish you just cant wait to get your hook in to, be sure you have an idea what your rod is really made of. First, although fly rods have different shapes and sizes; some are longer, heavier or more colorful than the others, the different parts of a rod doesnt change at all. The important part of the rod is referred to the rod blank. It is the central shaft of the rod and its where everything, where the rest of the rod is attached. Rod blanks is also called the tip and then the heavy section is called the butt.

June 23rd, 2007

The Importance Of Superior Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing - a sport of significant skill - continues to grow in popularity as the fundamentals of it are passed on from generation to generation and from fisherman to fisherman. As a new generation takes to the water, they learn as the anglers before them, that proper fly fishing equipment ranks as high in importance as technical skill and artful flair. Superior equipment can take the experience of fly fishing and elevate it to the next level - making not only a more successful event - but a more enjoyable one as well.First and foremost, aside from quality rods, reels, and lines, the most important piece of fly fishing equipment is the fly itself - the very thing for which the sport is named. While some skilled and experienced anglers prefer to make their own flies - constructing artificial flies from a variety of materials - others prefer to purchase their flies. Fly varieties are extensive and each one is designed to attract a particular type of fish.

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