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January 30th, 2008

Succumbing to the winter fly fishing blues

WinterFish.jpgIt’s been am epic, record breaking year for snow in Telluride. The skiing has been out of this world and it just keeps getting better. My mind should be focused solely on skiing but lately all I can think about is digging out a rod and casting to trout. Winter fishing in this area is not usually very productive and due to the massive snowfall and cold weather this year it’s not looking good at all. Racking my brain to come up with a solution, on Saturday I headed down from the mountains and the perfect skiing to the town of Montrose to fish a section of the Umcompaghre that was new to me. I prepared myself to get skunked and hoped casting my rod for a few hours would cure my winter fly fishing blues. I found a nice section of river with clear water and some promising deep runs. I was elated when my indicator dipped below the surface on my second cast and I pulled in a 11 inch Rainbow. With a fresh smile on my face I landed 4 more fish in that first hole and could not believe my luck. Chelsea arrived a few minutes later and we spent the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon fishing and surprisingly catching 11-12 inch Browns and Rainbows. I would like to believe that we just had the skill and right flies for the day, but I think we were helped with a recent stocking in the river. Whatever was the cause for our luck, we had an amazing day alone on a beautiful little river catching Trout in January in Colorado. Hoping to get my mind back on skiing this seemed to backfire and all I can think about is getting to a river again.

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