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September 14th, 2007

Trout Fishing Basics

This downloadable ebook is aimed at trout fishing beginners. Here are some of the great trout fishing topics covered in this informative book:

  • How to READ the water and FIND the Trout. p. 6
  • What the three primary needs of trout are and why you will find an abundance of trout where all three needs are being met. p. 7
  • Presentation and why it’s so important. p. 8
  • Facts about fishhooks and how to sharpen them. p.10
  • Different types of knots. p. 11 to 12
  • How to select your equipment (including fly rods, reel, lines, and leaders). p. 25

September 14th, 2007

Discover Secrets How To Fly Fish Like A Pro

This ebook (electronic book) claims to covers “everything there is to know about fly fishing”. That statement may be a bit of “poetic license”, but this handbook is so easy to use and understand to the average fisherman, beginner or pro, that some have called it “The Fly Fishing Manual”!

This ebook covers many useful subjects, including …

  • Discover the terminology used.
  • Learn about some of the gear you need.
  • Find out exactly why you might want to get waders after all.
  • Discover the importance of matching rod to line weight.

September 14th, 2007

Fly Fishing For Beginners

You can buy this ebook and audiobook package for only $27. It covers …

  • The exciting history behind fly-fishing
  • Surprising beginner tips, tricks and techniques
  • What fly-fishing is all about
  • The necessary equipment you need – from flies to rods and accessories
  • How to tie your own fly
  • Types of casting and common problems to avoid
  • The advantages and disadvantages of wet vs. dry fly-fishing
  • The best time of day for fly-fishing – so you catch the most fish
  • Fly-fishing techniques used specifically for boat or land casting

September 14th, 2007

Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets

This is another electronic book (ebook) for $19.95 that you download and view on your own computer. It aims to help you “Discover Original Tips And Techniques From Early Fly Fishing Masters And Classics.”

This handbook could be for you if you’re interested in learning lost or forgotten fly-fishing techniques and you ever wanted to …

  • Instantly cause fish to rise even when there’s no sign of a hatch!
  • Slash the number of casts it takes to raise a non-feeding trout in half!
  • Master the secrets of consistent accuracy on repeated casts!

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