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October 27th, 2007

New Zealand Fly Fishing

Mohaka_Rainbow.jpgStaring down through the break in the clouds my heart races as the spectacular New Zealand landscape reveals itself to me. This is the place that has occupied my dreams since I first picked up a fly rod and had my life change forever. About two-thirds the size of California, New Zealand boasts an astounding variety of landscape and climatic zones. Flying high above this amazing land, two of my closest friends Ben Knight, Tim Trevithick, and I remain quiet, fantasizing about the next six weeks together in trout heaven. Our plan is to spend roughly three weeks on the South Island and three on the North fishing, hiking, sea kayaking, camping, and oh yeah more fishing.

October 25th, 2007

The Exumas offer relief from the winter chill

Exumas9.jpgShorter days and biting cold temperatures make fishing in the winter months an unpleasurable experience most of the time. When tying flies, reading Gierach gets tiring, and cabin fever sets in there is only one option, head to the tropics. A week of wading the flats for Bonefish and Permit can refresh the mind and spirit, keeping you rejuvenated until the long awaited spring thaw. The Bahamas have long since been a great tropical fly fishing location offering large numbers of Bonefish close to the United States. Andros Island and Grand Bahama have the reputation as world class Bonefish destinations but there are still undiscovered gems in the Bahamas with eager Bones. The Exuma Islands are a chain of 365 Cays stretching 120 miles long with large uncrowded flats and mangrove coastline. The extensive flats have seen far less pressure than than most other islands in the Bahamas and the Bonefish are less weary to the saltwater angler.

October 23rd, 2007

Fall Fly Fishing on the Green River

Green4_1.jpg Boasting staggering numbers of up to 22,000 fish per mile, the Green river below the Flaming Gorge Dam offers the angler the unique opportunity of catching a high quantity of large trout. The river also has a reputation of extremely fickle and spooky trout that refuse flies like a fussy child. The fall offers a time to fish the Green with relatively few people compared to the crowded summer season. On October 18th a group of friends and I arrived at the river in search of the legendary pigs that inhabit the Green river.

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